Website Strategy/Dev

Strategy first, functionality next, design last.

Sounds obvious, right? You’d be surprised how many marketers end up with beautiful yet completely frustrating websites for their users and customers.

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We have a process that ensures your website isn’t just another pretty face on the web, starting with our Discovery process. This nails down the audience, the messaging, and the functionality. Next up, we post a complete strategy document and online site map so you can see just how your site will navigate, so we can tweak and test.

Then we start designing, with the user in mind.

Our advice: if you’re talking to a website developer and they use the words “Flash,” or “really cool” before going through a rigorous development of strategy, RUN!

Lead Generation


When you get ready to embark on a co-registration campaign with any vendor, here are questions you should ask: Where are my co-reg offers being placed? What websites? Can I see the creative?

These may seem like “Duh” questions, but listen: you’d be surprised at the vendors – offering so-called “guaranteed” results – that won’t even show you where your co-reg signups are on the ‘net, won’t reveal the sites in their “networks,” won’t show you the math behind their “guaranteed” metrics, and won’t even show you your creative. Huh?

We don’t do that. We’ll show you where your leads are comi

Then holla at us.


The Power of the Pink Boa.

We often get asked to do Discovery for clients that don’t even have plans to use us for online marketing services. (We bothered by that? Nah. Most of ‘em eventually become clients anyway.)

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So what’s a Discovery?

Properly done, a Discovery brings together all the key folks in your company or organization that will be affected by your marketing strategies. Then, using an arcane mixture of pink feathers, post-it notes, spreadsheets, complex mathematical formulas, a PowerBook and eye of newt, we seek consensus on who your principal audiences are.

In short, we get you to talk – and agree – on who the heck it is we’re marketing to.

Then we agree on what the message is, what your unique position is in your market, and lastly, how to

Wanna see some site