Online Marketing advice for SME’s in Ireland.

The best advice

The best advice we can give you is to ensure that your website is up to date and optimised to ensure that it can get a higher ranking on,  if you make sure that your website looks the part then you are doing a really good job as this would be the number 1 thing that we would advise our customers to look at.

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make sure that your website is mobile friendly,  this is number 2 on our list of things to do,  did you know that nearly 50% of your website traffic is coming from mobile or tablet devices?  well it is and it is really important that you look into how your website looks and operates on these devices.

Content is King:  ensuring that your website has quality content is very important as this is one of the major factors that google picks up when try to work out what your website is about,  always ensure that you think long and hard about what you want to place on the page,  a good place to start is to look at google keyword planner and type in some keyword phrases that are relevant to your business and see what volume of searches are being carried out for them.

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Use quality images for your website,  remember first impressions count, so it is really important that you use quality images on your website,  there is nothing worse than landing on a website that has poor quality images, there is really no excuse for having poor images on your website.

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